Business automation and security can not only save you operating costs but also offer you convenience and safety.  Integrating your Heating, Air Conditioning, Security, and Lighting can give you command of any system with the simple touch of a button or screen.  It can be as basic as automatically controlling a few lights or as advanced as voice control of all business systems.  We offer a wide variety of business services.  Let us tailor a system to fit your business needs.
 Networking, Internet, and Software  Solutions
  Wired Networking   Wireless Networking

Wired networks have been around for many years.  They use the most affordable products and provide the fastest speeds of transmission. The distance between devices is also much less restricted in wired networking.  When you need to move large amounts of data at high speeds, such as professional-quality multimedia, wired networking is the most efficient way to go.

  Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and affordable. Since they don't require cables, you can use the devices anywhere in your building.  There's no need to roll out an Ethernet cable to each office; you can network anywhere—without wires.

  Voice over IP Phone Technology   Internet & Software Solutions
Talk to anyone in the US and Canada for a low, fixed price and internationally for incredibly low rates.  You can even keep your existing phone numbers.  Have your voice messages emailed or forwarded to your cell phone.  Check your voice mail and control all your setting via the web.  Utilize your broadband internet connection and save on operating costs.  
bullet Web site development
bullet Web site consulting
bullet Digital photography and editing
bullet Graphic generation and animation
bullet Set-up & host web site photo gallery
bullet Make company logo Internet ready
bullet E-commerce
bullet Database development
bullet Computer networking selection
bullet Software selection, installation, & training
 Automation - What can you integrate?
  Lighting   Security Systems & Access Control

Schedule your lighting and control it from anywhere in the world via the web.  Have your lighting system sense when your building is occupied to improve efficiency and security.  Integrate your lighting and security for the ultimate in protection.

  Alarms, Card access, biometrics, digital video, and traditional analog CCTV upgrades & conversions.  From wireless to traditional wired security systems, A.N.S. Technologies can tailor a system to fit your needs.

    Phone & Teleconference Systems   Climate Control

Whether you have 3 lines or 300 lines, we have the system that is right for your business. Let us help you pick out the system that best fits your company's current and future needs.  Traditional phones are also compatible with voice over IP technology.

  Intelligent thermostats can control your systems via a 7 day schedule for the ultimate in energy costs.  Control your thermostats from any office or cell phone.  They can even alert you via cell phone, pager, or email when temperatures are unusually low or high to prevent pipes from freezing or equipment failure.


Utilize your network by using an IP based intercom system or the traditional wired method.  Instantaneous two-way, multi-channel voice communications between any number of individuals or groups.