Home automation can not only save you operating costs but also offer you convenience.  Integrating your Heating, Air Conditioning, Security, and Lighting can give you command of any system with the simple touch of a button or screen.  It can be as basic as automatically controlling a few lights or as advanced as voice control of all home systems.  Let us give you remote or automatic control of anything in your home.
 Network and Internet Solutions - Move into the future
  Networking   Voice over IP Phone Technology

Does surfing the web from anywhere in your house sound appealing?  How about plugging into your living room and checking email while you watch TV?  Wireless and wired networks have become much more reliable and affordable.  Let us show you how a network can benefit your home or business.

  Talk to anyone in the US and Canada for a low, fixed price and internationally for incredibly low rates.  You can even keep your existing phone number.  Have your voice messages emailed to you and control all your setting via the web.  Utilize your broadband internet connection and save!

 Automation - What can you control?
  Lighting   Security Systems & Access Control

Schedule your lighting or control it from anywhere in your house or the world via the web.  Have your lighting system sense when you are home or away to improve efficiency and security.  Integrate your lighting and security for the ultimate in protection.

  Control access to your home without keys and open your doors from anywhere in the house.  If there is an event in your home the system can alert you via cell phone, pager, or email.  Forget to lock the front door or close the garage, just do it when you get to the office via the web.

    Phone Systems   Thermostats

Phones that are traditionally used in small businesses are making their way into homes.  Turn your home phone system into an intercom  and control your home automation from any handset in the house.  Have caller ID display incoming calls on your television screen rather then searching for the phone. 

  Intelligent thermostats can control your systems via a 7 day schedule for the ultimate in energy costs.  Control your thermostats from bed or from a cell phone on the way home from work.  They can even alert you when temperatures are unusually low or high to prevent pipes from freezing or pets & plants from over heating.

    Irrigation   Home Theater & Entertainment

Have your sprinklers turn on via a schedule or only when the soil needs watering.  You can even integrate your sprinklers to your security system motion detectors, get intruders all wet!

  Yes, you can get rid of the 10 remotes that sit on your coffee table.  Furthermore, instead of needing a degree to turn on your system, one button can turn on all your components and have you watching you favorite channel in seconds.